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Bringing positive, healthy ideas to the Colorado Springs South area

Providing Resources to:
  • Farms, Dairies, and Ranches - already organic/grass fed or wanting to transition
  • CSA-Community Supported Agriculture - Food Coop
  • Gardeners and Herbalists - already organic or wanting to transition

We are a local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Our mission is to EDUCATE the local community on the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation, including TRADITIONAL FOOD preparation, nutrient-dense foods, and sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to encourage one another in achieving radiant health through the wise principles practiced by non-industrialized primitive cultures as presented by the research of Dr. Weston A. Price. Our guide to learning about traditional foods and applying proper food preparation techniques is Nourishing Traditions; "The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats", by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig PhD.

To learn more about the Weston A. Price Foundation, please visit: www.westonaprice.org

The diets of healthy primitive and non-industrialized people contained no refined or denatured foods such as refined sugar, corn syrup, white flour, canned foods, pasteurized, homogenized, skim or low fat foods, refined or hydrogenated vegetables oils, protein powders, artificial additive and colorings. Sally Fallon, the foundations president explains the importance of returning to organic farming, pasture-fed livestock and whole traditional foods, properly prepared, if Americans are to regain their health and vitality, and return to an economy based on small scale organic production and food processing that returns added value to the independent farmer, rather than to large scale food procesing conglomerates. Foods that we have been told are bad for us are now slowly being recognized as the elixir of good health.


The Colorado Springs South Chapter provides opportunities for FUN and FELLOWSHIP by organizing social gatherings such as workshops, cooking classes, and potluck meals using the recipes from "Nourishing Traditions" or other original "Traditional Recipes" using not only organic, but nutrient dense ingredients. We each of course are ultimately responsible for being good stewards and protecting our health and the health of those we care for, but as members of this chapter we support one another in this wonderful life preserving adventure. Membership is free of charge.

My name is Maria Atwood, CNHP, a certified National Health Professional, traditional foods teacher and natural health advocate. I have accepted the responsibility of leader in the Colorado Springs South Chapter in order to further the cause of the Weston A Price Foundation and Dr. Weston A Price's life long goal which are summed up by his dying words:
"You Teach, You Teach, You Teach" My personal specialty is teaching others the benefits of nutrient dense and traditional foods. In order to help support the chapter, I have produced a 90-minute DVD & written a "Tell Me More" booklet describing how to make some of the world's most nourishing foods as out-lined below.
Follow my health giving blog posts at "Tips From The Traditional Cook".

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