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Maria Atwood, CNHP
Catering To The Traditional Cook in Everyone of Us

Dear Friends:

This web site was expressly created to encourage you gently back to the practices and time when food was really just that! "Good healthy, life-giving food". In detailing "My Story" and "A Health Perspective" from the links above, I do so, not to talk about myself from an ego position, but rather that you might see in them some one thing or things which may also lead you to a place of simplicity and the beginning of a state of wellness. In due time I have as a goal to make it more comprehensive. Let me know what you would like to see on it and I will do my utmost to supply it.

Many of the recommendations on this site have been around for thousands of years, rediscovered in our own time by a number of insightful individuals and set down in print to make our earthly journey more satisfying. I am not one of these individuals, but having experienced wonderful health benefits by following their counsel, I have decided to help spread their message. My personal health philosophy is best expressed by Dr. Bernard Jensen, a renowned clinical nutritionist, in one of his famous quotes below:

"No therapy or drug known to modern medical science can rebuild tissue that has been damaged by disease or trauma. Food alone can accomplish this feat. It is for this reason that nutrition is an indispensable weapon against disease".
Dr. Bernard Jensen (1908-2001)
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