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(photos of diatoms)
There are many great resources both in book form, and via the internet to learn about the amazing qualities that diatomaceous earth has to offer; However for those that are new to this product, the information below, is that which I have acquired from conversations, books and the Internet may be helpful.
According to Perma-Guard, whose brand I have chosen to sell, diatomaceous earth is "The Grass of the Sea" - The basic food of all land animals is grass. The animals that don't eat grass eat the animals that do. In the sea, the basic food is the Diatom, which is absolutely essential to the higher aquatic forms of life. While most diatoms are found in the oceans, they are also abundant and important in fresh water habitats, and in moist soil. Diatoms create "shells" for themselves from silica. SILICA is a universal element in the human body and plays an important role in many body functions. Silica has been labeled nature's building block, and is often called the "Overlooked trace mineral".
The tiny Diatom shells are not a food. They do not digest (except some of the trace minerals). They pass all the way through the body. Everything it does is either physical action or electrical action. The Diatom shell is a little cylinder full of holes. It resembles Rice Chex© cereal. The cylinders have a powerful negative charge and the holes are the right size to absorb positively charged viruses and bacteria, hold them, and take them out of the body. Each shell can hold many positive particles.
Perma-Guard, Inc. is the original supplier of FOOD-GRADE diatomaceous earth. DE is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one-celled plants called DIATOMS. This is pure food-grade diatomaceous earth sold under the name "Fossil Shell Flour"® after the fossilized diatom. Not all deposits of diatomaceous earth are the same. Perma Guard is a pure food-grade fresh water deposit. It is cleared by the FDA as a feed additive.
Perma-Guard™ "Fossil Shell Flour"® is a very pure form of diatomaceous earth used as an anti-caking feed additive. For use in animal feed mixed in an amount not to exceed 2% by weight of total ration. Perma-Guard also packages diatomaceous earth under a grain and seed insecticide label approved by the EPA. This is a natural product to protect stored foods from insects with no harm to the environment or people.
Fresh water "Food Grade" Diatomaceous Earth (89.9% Silica dioxide, 28 trace minerals.

Before acting upon any information contained in the book Silica-The Amazing Gel, consult with the author. The publisher/author is not responsible for any misinterpretation, errors or omissions.
In the book "Silica - The amazing gel", Klaus Kaufman describes a diatom as follows: "Diatom" is the name given to any of over 5000 species of algae of the class Bacillariophyceae. Diatoms are usually single-celled. Yet, occasionally they aggregate into small colonies by virtue of their sticky, gelatinous coating. Though also present in aerial and terrestrial environments, their main habitat is aquatic. They live in both freshwater and marine water. In the waters of earth they occupy mainly the top 100 meters, where sunlight is abundantly available. When diatoms die, their silica-rich cell walls remain behind and accumulate on the ocean floor in continuous layers that can be up to 3,000 feet thick. These siliceous remains, most abundant in the western part of the North American continent, are diatomaceous earth or diatomite. Their chalky deposit is useful in industrial filtering out of impurities, as an adsorbent, and as an insulator.

In the same book, he eloquently talks about the silica connection as a powerful mineral that is vastly missing in our soil and diet. Here are two of particularly interesting excerpts from his book:

(1) "WithoutSilica, Silica Connection, all life processes would slow down their metabolism after a short time. Protein synthesis would grind to a halt. Fat metabolism would increase. Cells would fatten. This is analogous to the fattening of cancer cells because of oxygen utilization disturbance, i.e., oxygen starvation."

(2) "It is perhaps fitting that the most abundant elements fulfill some of the most vital tasks within the human body. These elements are silicon and oxygen. Together they make up SILICA.

NOTE: There is no evidence at this time known to this website, or it's owner that confirms that Silica from diatomaceous earth is bio-available or metabolizes in the body. This is a source of conflicting information, which you may want to research further.

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